S1 Notes [Perennial Post]

By Alex Mackenzie at

S1s I've particularly enjoyed reading.




  • Took Confluent 5 years to exceed $100M ARR.
  • Took Confluent 3 years to GA Confluent Cloud.


  • Revenue FY'20: $208M.
  • YoY Revenue Growth: 51%.
  • Customers: 2,500+.
  • Customers >$1M ARR: 60.
  • Customers >$100k ARR: 560.
  • NDR: 117%.

Notable Paragraphs

  • "Confluent is on a mission to set data in motion. We have pioneered a new category of data infrastructure designed to connect all the applications, systems, and data layers of a company around a real-time central nervous system. This new data infrastructure software has emerged as one of the most strategic parts of the next-generation technology stack, and using this stack to harness data in motion is critical to the success of modern companies as they strive to compete and win in the digital-first world."
  • "Being digital-first is not just a matter of adding an application or automating an existing process. It is an end-to-end reimagining of business."
  • "This is a matter of life or death for companies. Tech disruptors are delivering rich, digital customer experiences and setting the standard for customer expectations."
  • "It is not just that companies are using more software—in a very real sense, they are actually becoming software."
  • "Once customers see the benefits of our product for their initial use cases, they often expand into other use cases and lines of business, divisions, and geographies."
  • "Data in motion is not just a missing feature in databases, it is a bottoms-up rethinking of the computer science underlying data systems."
  • "Data in motion flips this design 180 degrees. Rather than bringing queries to data at rest, our platform is architected to stream data in motion through the query."
  • "Complete. We created a complete platform for data in motion, by leveraging capabilities from open source Apache Kafka with our significant proprietary capabilities. Our technology moves and processes data concurrently, with specific tools such as ksqlDB, a native data-in-motion database that allows users to build data-in-motion applications using just a few SQL statements, as well as over 100 connectors."