Learning Computers

By Alex Mackenzie at

A collection of the best resources, primers and tutorials that I've come across about our mechnical counterparts.


  • Explanation about clock speed and clock pulses in detail. Source
  • How interupts are handled in a processor -- a detailed view. Source

Unix OS'

  • What the heck is my PATH, and how do I get it to do what I want? Source
  • Unix Crash Course. Source

Computer Graphics

  • Stanford - The Graphics Pipeline and OpenGL. Source
  • Introduction to the graphics pipeline for gaming. Source
  • Lower-Level Graphics API - What does it mean? Source
  • Graphics shaders - University of Amsterdam. Source
  • The Concepts of WebGL. Source
  • Difference between rasterization and ray tracing. Source
  • Real-Time Ray Tracing in WebGPU. Source
  • Raw WebGPU. Source

Build Systems

  • Build System Insights Source
  • Build Tools as Pure Functional Programs [Source](Build Tools as Pure Functional Programs)

Favourite Developer Blogs

  • Dzmitry Malyshau. Here
  • Stephen Gutekanst. Here
  • Mitchell Hashimoto. Here